Empathy swaps lids to make liquid feed bottles fully recyclable

Empathy has swapped the lids used for its After Plant Liquid Feed range from black to white, making each bottle now fully recyclable.

Empathy’s business development director, Simon Taylor said: “We were informed by the RHS, whose license we carry on many of our products, that a member had highlighted the recycling problem associated with black plastic. We made it our highest priority to source new lids to ensure that all of our bottle tops can be recycled.”

The change has come following information that some waste management companies are unable to recycle black plastic because the machinery used to sort the waste is unable to detect it. In just two weeks, the company sourced a suitable alternative. Simon added “Once existing stock has sold through, all new orders containing any of the seven After Plant Liquid Feeds will be supplied with the new white lids.

“The discussion with The RHS licensing team prompted a review of all of our packaging, including rootgrow. As a result, we have agreed to work closely with them to develop alternatives that are as eco-friendly as possible yet retaining first class visual impact and weather resistance while providing the necessary protection for the precious microbes within.”

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