Does your company have an employee handbook?

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employee handbook
An employee handbook is a crucial part of running a business. It sets clear expectations for new employees. It outlines policies and it lets employees know what will happen if any problems occur.
Garden Centre Retail has put together a list of essential components for your company handbook.

Introduction to company & values

You should describe the company history, including who founded the business, when and why.
Additionally, you should include your company mission statement. You should also add some insight into your company culture.
Give your new employee info about why your company matters, and why they should it’s exciting to be part of it.

Code of conduct

You should give your employees an overview of information about ethics and compliance.
A code of conduct allows you to emphasise your company’s values, and the behaviour you wish to adopt in your leaders and employees.
These rules can allow you to fairly regulate and assess an individual’s behaviour.
You should include as many specific details as possible. For instance, let employees know what counts as lateness, and the disciplinary processes that follow.

Equal employment and non-discrimination policy

You want each employee to know that discrimination or harassment of any kind won’t be tolerated in your workplace.
Even one instance of discrimination can create toxicity for your company’s culture.

Technology policy

You’ll need to make clear what your employees can and can’t do with the technology you provide them.
Additionally, you’ll want to inform your employees whether actions on company technology cause disciplinary measures.

Leave policy

It’s critical you outline how much paid and unpaid leave each employee gets, as well as sick time.
Non-disclosure Agreement and Confidentiality policy To ensure your employees don’t misuse confidential information either about your internal operations or your clients, it’s critical you outline what counts as confidential information.
Your business is bound by law to protect certain information. You should make a list and ensure your employees are aware of what information they can and can’t share.

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