End the war on slug and snail damage this spring

Are you a garden lover but a slug and snail hater? Prefer to see your crops flourish rather than seeing them eaten up by garden pests? The invasion of slugs and snails is continuous ? they never seem to go away!

How are you going to end the slug and snail attack? If you want to keep them off your plants without harming them, look to the Defenders range of organic alternatives which repel slugs and snails and that are safe to use around pets and wildlife ? unlike traditional pellets.

The?Slug and Snail Band?(RRP ?4.99) is a new addition to the?Defenders?collection of garden care products ? and is already tipped to be a gardener?s favourite. The reusable copper band, which is 35mm wide and extends to 55cm in length, generates a small repellent charge when a slug or snail attempts to cross it. It is suitable for organic gardening, and much more versatile than sticky copper tape because the flexible bands can be freestanding in soil ? they don?t have to be stuck onto anything. Multiple bands can be linked together to protect larger areas such as vegetable patches and can still be used around pots as well as in flowerbeds.See more of?the Defenders slug products

For the eighth year in a row, slugs and snails have topped the Royal Horticultural Society?s annual list of the top ten garden pests. Last year?s mild winter meant slugs and snails survived, so we could be in for another big year for these garden pests.

Potato tubers, hosta leaves and narcissus flowers are a favourite for slugs and snails to nibble on and they can all now be protected, so start looking forward to spring, without the fear of them coming out in full force and causing damage to your plants.
You can say goodbye to throwing them over your garden fence, which seemed like a good idea in the past, until it was discovered that they have the ability to find their way back without the help of a sat nav ? unless that is, you lob them more than 20 metres from where they were found!

Before you know it, your plants, flowerbeds and vegetable patch will look as healthy as the images on the seed packets they once lived in!

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