Enjoy ‘Busy Bee’ Week at Wyevale Garden Centres

A week of events and activities for kids 3-8 years to celebrate the magic of bees

As a celebration of the summer season, Wyevale Garden Centres (Top 50 centres*) will run a series of special events in May and June at its centres across the nation, called ‘Busy Bee Week’, to inspire young minds to learn about the magic of bees.

The events, aimed at children aged between three and eight years old, are designed to entertain, inspire and encourage little ones by teaching them the vital role bees play in the pollination process, encouraging flowering plants to bloom.

Through activities such as learning how to build a Bee Hotel, making honey biscuits and cake decorating in the Buzzing Bakery, Wyevale Garden Centre?s will teach youngsters: when the bee season begins, which flowers attract bees the most and how the pollination process helps to make gardens beautiful.

For a bee-eautiful garden, the top plants that attract bees are:
Hebes,?Fuschias,?Lavender,?Clematis,?Cosmos,?Japanese wind flower Anenome,?Escallonia ?Appleblossom?,?Myrtle,?Salvias. S.farinacea,?Bell flower,?Poppies,?Pansies,?Viola and?Sweet violet.

Bee Week Events at Wyevale Garden Centres

Busy Bee Hunt
Friday 27th May ? Monday 30th May
The week kicks off with a Busy Bee Hunt. Children are invited to find six busy bees hidden all around Wyevale Garden Centres. Each bee holds a question and children who answer their questions will receive a Busy Bee sticker.

Perfect Pollinator
Tuesday 31st May
11am ? 1pm (20 minute sessions)
Our beautiful buzzing bees have been having a hard time lately, and are on the lookout for
a new home! Not all bees live in hives. Many bee species nest in tiny spaces ranging from hollow plant stems to holes in deadwood. Wyevale Garden Centres will teach children how
to create a bee hotel ? a special nesting site for bees. Not only a fun thing to make, it?s easier than you think as well as interesting and educational to watch bees using them.

Buzzing Bakery
Wednesday 1st & Thursday 2nd June
Session times vary by centre
Bring your children to Wyevale Garden Centres to join a brilliant baking master-class this half term in the Buzzing Bakery. Here youngsters will learn to cook bee-themed sweet treats including honey biscuits and buzzing bee cupcakes.

Bee Hotel
Friday 3rd June
11am ? 1pm (20 minute sessions)
At Wyevale Garden Centres we love to encourage children to get planting! Kids can plant a beautiful Cosmos Sonata plant (which our buzzing friends love) in a pot, which helps attract and support our lovely bumble bees. Once planted, the youngsters will learn how to decorate their plant pots with their very own bee cut-outs.

Bee Week 2If all of this doesn?t sound like enough fun for the half-term holidays, all activities include a free activity sheet to take home or complete in centre so children can continue learning about the magic of bees.

This half-term lunch for less and upgrade your event ticket to receive a kid?s My Picnic packed lunch for ?4! All events must be pre-booked online at wyevalegardencentres.co.uk/busy-bee-week.

For further information or images, please contact:
Wyevale Garden Centres team at Rain Communications
020 7494 4448

*Wyevale Garden Centres? TOP 50 CENTRES;
Altrincham, Andover, Ashford Barnstaple, Barnett Hill, Bicester Avenue, Birchencliffe, Bolton, Braintree, Bressingham, Bridgemere, Brighton, Cadbury, Cadnam, Canterbury, Cardiff, Carr Gate , Elm Court, Endsleigh, Enfield, Fair Oak, Findern, Gardenlands, Gloucester, Gosforth, Hare Hatch, Heighley Gate, Hereford, Huntingdon, John Browns, Lechlade, Leicester Rowena, Marple, Melbicks, Northampton, Old Barn Garden Centre, Pennine, Percy Throwers, Podington, Raglan, Ramsgate, Rugby, Sanders, Shenstone, Springfield, Stockton, Swansea, Telford, Woodbridge, Woodlands, World?s End.

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