Evergreen Garden Care launches Miracle-Gro pesticide-free range

Evergreen Garden Care has launched Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect, a pesticide free, sustainably packed and sourced range of products. An industry first, each product has two uses: providing the necessary nourishment for healthy garden growth, whilst protecting the garden from unexpected weather changes, as well as unwanted bugs and slugs.

The four new products in the range include: Nourish & Protect for Rose, Shrub & Ornamentals; Nourish & Protect for Flowers, Fruit and Veg; Nourish & Protect Seaweed Plant Food and Nourish & Protect Seaweed Lawn Food.

After extensive research of 13,000 gardeners carried out in 2018, Miracle-Gro identified that gardeners from novice to full green-fingered felt the market for products to care for their garden was a confusing place; the number of products available, their potential effect on the environment and that the need for multiple applications of a product often left them bored and meant they rarely completed the task at hand (Kantar, 2018).

In response to the consumer insight, Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect was born to resolve the above barriers and simplify gardening in one simple application, with a main goal to encourage gardeners to feed their plants and use preventatively, rather than to treat pests and or disease once it has taken hold.

Mark Portman, managing director of Evergreen Garden Care says: “The launch of the Miracle-Gro Nourish & Protect Range is another exciting development from the UK’s leading garden care brand and puts the gardener at the heart of our innovation launching protects the protect the environment, whilst also helping gardeners to nurture their gardens in a simpler way.”

The Nourish & Protect range will be available from January 2022. For more inspiration, please visit www.lovethegarden.com.

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