Evergreen Garden Care partners with PlantSnap

Evergreen Garden Care has partnered with AI-powered plant identification app, PlantSnap, to help educate and retain new gardeners in the category. 

From 1 March, Evergreen Garden Care will be teaming up with the app to bring consumers garden advice with the click of a button. Before the partnership, PlantSnap has always enabled consumers to take a picture of a plant for quick identification, but now with the help of the gardening experts at Evergreen Garden Care, users will be able to access bespoke garden care guides for more than 500 plants. 

The garden care guides will equip users with the knowledge of not just what they are growing, but how to grow them. Key information will include how much light the plant needs, how often to water and feed it, in addition to the best products to help it thrive. 

This move from Evergreen Garden Care aims to push the garden care industry further into the tech market, reaching younger gardeners and providing an accessible platform to demystify gardening and plant care. The app allows users to snap a plant in a shop or out in nature and recommends the best products to buy to care for it at the same time. The development is in line with the company’s wider development of its POS that aims to make it easier for gardeners to navigate the sector and find the products that are suited to their needs. 

Speaking on behalf of Evergreen Garden Care, Ann-Marie O’Riordan, group product & innovation director, explained: “At Miracle-Gro we believe in the beauty of a green space – or oasis – whether it’s a garden, a balcony or potted plants indoors, and we want to inspire anyone, anywhere to be able easily to create and maintain their own.

“The gardening world has massively benefited from technological inventions and PlantSnap is a brilliant example of it. PlantSnap enables millions of people to learn and improve their gardening skills, alongside helping them connect with green spaces and nature, from a click of a button, thanks to their phone or tablet. Millions of new gardeners have started to garden during the pandemic and are turning to digital to help them with their gardening projects. Miracle-Gro (Fertiligene, Substral) are in a brilliant position to help these gardeners with our friendly advice about all things growing and we want to make it super accessible to everyone from beginners to experts.

“We are thrilled to be working with PlantSnap, with their digital technology, combined with our plant care advice and market leading products, we can inspire people to garden and support them in their growing journey.”

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