Fallen Fruits? Moscow Mule

Fallen Fruits has launched its new Moscow Mule Copper Mug, the design of which is influenced by 1950s cocktail culture.

The company said: ?Featuring a classic tapered shape, the Copper Mug has been lined with stainless steel and is the perfect container from which to savour the ever-popular Moscow Mule cocktail. With the addition of an ergonomically designed brass handle, the mug is both eye-catching and functional.

Managing Director Michael Hall said: ?We have introduced the product into our Secrets Du Potager range. This collection encompasses grow-your-own products and kitchenware to enable garden lovers to make the most of their space, whether cultivating plants or entertaining friends.

?The Copper Mug oozes vintage charm and is sure to be appreciated by both traditional cocktail connoisseurs and on trend style seekers.?

The cocktail theme is continued within the Secrets du Potager range with the addition of a Mojito Set, which includes mint seeds and a wooden muddler as well as two glass tumblers.

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