Modern Lawn Care, by David Hedges-Gower, Gardeners World Live presenter and National Trust advisor, is the first serious book on the topic in over forty years ? and the very first one written by an acknowledged lawn expert. At last gardeners have the help they need to create the lawn they want, from tough play grass to exquisitely manicured lawns.
For decades, UK gardeners have been given poor advice about lawn care. And many of today?s TV gardening celebrities would be the first to admit they are not lawn specialists! David?s book puts this right ? but it also goes one very important step further by embracing the demand for sustainable and green techniques.
?Wrongly maligned as a carbon-heavy and non-green garden element, the lawn is not only a national institution ? it?s the most eco-friendly part of the entire garden! And my book helps the reader to understand their own unique garden environment and to nurture it. Good lawn care means working with nature, not against it.?
In one step, Modern Lawn Care brings the topic right up-to-date and guarantees that the lawn can once again thrive in gardens and landscape design for decades to come.
?The book is enjoyable and practical ? packed with thoughtful insight, tips and wisdom ? the only lawn book you will ever need!? ?Angela Lambert-Q Lawns
Why has this type of help been so elusive? The rise in garden broadcasting and the growth of the internet created a knowledge vacuum. This was soon filled by experts from every other branch of gardening and by sports and turf specialists. Neither of these could provide the specific knowledge required for our domestic lawn care. With the acclaim the book is already receiving, you can expect to see much more of David as the face of British lawn care.
Is it for everyone? Absolutely! Modern Lawn Care insists that there is no such thing as ?the perfect lawn?, just the lawn that?s right for you. David?s book draws on his 35 years of lawn expertise to enable readers to decide what they want from their lawn ? and how to achieve it! And best of all, he helps them to understand and work with the unique conditions of their own gardens.

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