A fertiliser strategy designed to drive sales

New research undertaken by Bayer Garden shows that many gardeners want a multipurpose plant food, however their approach to feeding is driven by the type of plants that they are growing.

The findings indicate that a consumer?s feeding regime is dictated by whether or not their intention is to grow beautiful flowers they can show off to friends and family or to produce a bumper harvest.? Consumers also believe certain plants, for example tomatoes, orchids and roses, ?deserve? special attention and so seek out specific feeds.? Finally they always want a brand they know and trust.

Bayer Garden Product Manager Alison Mulvaney explained.? ?Consumers may opt for a multi-purpose fertiliser but their attitudes to feeding differ according to whether they are growing to eat or to admire.?

?Those growing beautiful blooms have a strong emotional attachment to their plants.? They are less concerned about the use of chemicals and may adopt an ad hoc approach to feeding.? In contrast, consumers growing fruit and vegetables are result focused and so work with the natural growing cycle of the plant and use a structured feeding routine.? They also tend to be more concerned about the use of chemicals.?

?Consumers don?t want to take a risk with their plants and so the next step in their decision making process is to find a brand they know and trust.? A strong in-store brand image is an important pre-cursor to product selection.?

Bayer Garden invested heavily into fertiliser research to better understand the dynamics of the fertiliser category and the real drivers affecting consumers? purchase decision.? It is now using the insights gained to satisfy the identified unmet needs of consumers and to help retailers evolve the category and drive up sales.

Alison Mulvaney continued: ?We need to go back to basics with consumers to avoid confusion.? Store layouts that reflect the buying behaviour of consumers will be the ones that deliver best sales results.

?First consumers want to find the fertiliser suitable for the relevant plant type, whether they are growing flowers, edibles or something particular like orchids, roses or tomatoes which deserve specific plant food.? Then they want to find the format that suits them, ie a liquid or granular feed and finally then they want a brand they know and trust, rather than a ?trendy? new entrant.?

?Retailers that adopt this in-store strategy will drive up their fertiliser sales.?


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