Final Report spoga+gafa 2014, 31 August to 2 September

spoga+gafa 2014:

Expanded range of offers and top quality

????????????? Attractive: 10.7 percent increase in the number of exhibitors

????????????? Top level: High degree of satisfaction and top quality among the trade visitors

????????????? Expanded range of offers: Living green strongly represented

The spoga+gafa closed its doors on 2 September 2014. Around 36,800 trade visitors from over 100 countries attended the international garden trade fair to inform themselves about the novelties in the garden industry. The share of foreign visitors was 58 percent. “The overall attendance in 2014 was stable. However, there was a shift in the visitor structure across the countries. Positive developments were particularly recorded from North and South America and Oceania. Due to the social and political situation, growth from Africa and Russia was not to be expected,” explained Katharina C. Hamma, Chief Operating Officer of Koelnmesse GmbH. Boasting 2,012 exhibitors from 56 countries, the spoga+gafa 2014 experienced a growth rate of 10.7 percent compared to the previous year. “The abundance of innovations and the expansion of the range of exhibits raised the event up to top level. The high media coverage in both the trade and daily press also indicates a positive development,” commented Hamma. “The quality of the visitors has also underlined the fact that the spoga+gafa is the leading international garden trade fair.” In 2014, the spoga+gafa covered exhibition space spanning 241,000 square metres with its five exhibition segments ‘garden creation’, ‘garden living’, ‘garden care’, ‘garden unique’ and ‘garden basic’ and the trade fair showcased everything that makes garden living better, more beautiful and more comfortable.

In addition to the countless innovations and further developments that were celebrated at the spoga+gafa, the theme living green was prominently represented especially in Hall 7. The range of exhibits of the spoga+gafa was significantly extended for example with the introduction of the Plant Plant and the Landgard Plant Ordering Days, which were held at the spoga+gafa for the first time in 2014. This, in turn, increased the appeal of the garden trade fair for the visitors. In the scope of the Landgard Plant Ordering Days, around 100 horticultural companies and service providers presented a comprehensive assortment of nursery items, potted plants and seasonal goods. An accompanying programme tailormade to suit the target group rounded off the experience of visiting the trade fair. Practical and attractively designed concepts and secondary placements of the exhibitors were presented on the ‘boulevard of ideas’. Expert lectures and discussion rounds such as the Taspo Talk went down very well with the visitors and also the lecture programme especially for landscape architects that was launched this year celebrated a successful premiere at the spoga+gafa with over 30 participants. Offering an attractive programme and numerous demonstrations on the practical areas, the Grill Park, which was very well attended was once again in 2014 able to impress the trade visitors with themes from the grill and BBQ sector.

Increased attractiveness for visitors: Great mood and top quality With an 10.7 percent increase in the number of exhibitors, the expansion of the range of exhibits and an accompanying programme tailormade to suit the targe group, the attractiveness of the spoga+gafa was increased significantly. The visitors were correspondingly satisfied with the event as the results of the visitor survey underlined. 77 percent of the people interviewed were satisfied or even very satisfied as far as achieving the goals of their visit were concerned. 51.3 percent evaluated the general information offer and the market overview positively. In its role as a communication platform the spoga+gafa 2014 also scored more highly than in the previous year: In terms of establishing new business contacts 42.5 percent of the visitors were satisfied or very satisfied and in terms of cultivating existing contacts 49.6 percent were satisfied or very satisfied. As such, the recommendation rate was correspondingly high: 90 percent would recommend a good business acquaintance to visit the spoga+gafa.

The quality of the visitors also contributed towards the good mood at the trade fair: Around 73 percent of the visitors interviewed are involved in procurement decisions, 47 percent are even decisive in the decision-making process. In terms of the visitor structure, people who work at management level in the companies or businesses or in the buying and procurement departments are the most strongly represented group of visitors at the spoga+gafa. At the same time these two groups also recorded the strongest growth rates in comparison to 2013.

The Association of the German Sport Equipment Industry (BSI), the conceptual sponsor of the spoga+gafa, also drew a positive balance: After a relatively warm winter with very little snow, the leisure and garden season 2014 got off to a very early start. Plenty of sun and mild temperatures in March and April already attracted many consumers to the DIY stores, furniture and sport shops, which meant that the garden and leisure season got off to a dynamic start. The German garden and leisure sport industry thus entered the year 2014 in a positive frame of mind,” explained D?sir?e Derin-Holzapfel, President of the BSI, adding: “The late summer months were however characterised by variable weather conditions, which was also reflected in the turnovers in the trade and industry. Innovations, lifestyle in the garden and barbecue sector have contributed twoards the positive mood at the spoga+gafa 2014 and have thus laid a good foundation for the 2015 season. Sustainability and product quality is the basis for ongoing consumer enthusiasm for garden, grill and leisure sport items and a successful 2015.”

The German Garden Industry Association (IVG), the conceptual sponsor of the gafa, assessed this year’s spoga+gafa as follows: “In principle, we are satisfied with the spoga+gafa 2014, even though there was a lower frequency of visitors on the Sunday and the Tuesday. The share of international visitors was very positive, especially customers from the Benelux countries were strongly represented. Thanks to the quality of the visitors and the resulting good discussions between the exhibitors and the visitors, the spoga+gafa remains to be an important impetus for the industry – with further upward potential,” summed up Hans-J?rgen Riehl, Chairman of the Advisory Board of the gafa.

Further statements on the spoga+gafa 2014

Dr. Peter O. Wust – Managing Director of the BHB – Retailers? Association for Building, Home Improvement e.V.

“The spoga+gafa has been an important component for the performance of the significant garden and outdoor lifestyle assortments for the building and DIY markets over the past years, which also applies for this year too. Regarding the preparations for the new garden season, the discussions held at the trade fair and the impressions gained at the stands are important cornerstones for the strategic alignment of the business of the companies within the industry. The spoga+gafa has established itself as a leading trade fair for camping, barbecue and garden and has once again this year highlighted the trend orientation of the ranges. Which is among others things why the BHB is organising the BHB Garden Summit 2014 for the first time at the spoga+gafa of the Koelnmesse this year. With a view to the trade fair and event, here at the BHB, we have drawn a thoroughly positive balance.”


John W. Herbert – General Secretary of the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA):

“The spoga+gafa is very important for our members, especially against the background that the garden and leisure time market are growth markets that still hold a great deal of potential. The innovations that were shown combined with the high quality of the visitors turns the spoga+gafa into an international industry meeting place, even though particularly for visitors from abroad, the presence of big brands that have been missing so far would be very desirable. Overall we were very satisfied with the spoga+gafa 2014. We welcomed more foreign buyers at the spoga+gafa this year than ever before.”

Norbert L. Jedrau – General Manager of the Barbecue Industry Association Grill e.V. (BIAG):

“From the association’s point of view we are very satisfied with our events. The get-together with the company Landgard and the German Garden Centre Association was excellent – with an important repetition effect. The BIAG Brunch in the well-attended Grill Park with interested international guests and exciting themes was also top. The barbecue by the member companies was also very popular and offered the visitors excellent added value.”

Peter Botz – General Manager of the German Garden Center Association e.V. (VDG)

“There was a very good prevailing mood at the spoga+gafa, a mood of upturn was noticeable in this green Hall 7. This went down very well with our members. We had much more visitors thanks to our members and the Monday of the trade fair was very well frequented. Generally speaking, it wasn’t an easy year. We had an excellent spring, but a poor summer, which led to the turnovers stagnating. The spoga+gafa enables us to look optimistically ahead to the future. Enjoying the garden is still high up on the list of priorities of the consumers.”

Information on the trends of the spoga+gafa 2014 can be found here:

spogagafa | Press | Press Information.

The winners of this year’s young designer competition ‘unique youngstar’ are listed in the press release at the following link .

The spoga+gafa 2014 in figures:

2,012 companies from 56 countries took part in the spoga+gafa 2014, 81 percent of which were from abroad. These included 363 exhibitors and 19 additionally represented companies from Germany and 1,613 exhibitors and 17 additionally represented companies from abroad. Including estimates for the last day of the fair, around 36,800 visitors from over 100 countries attended the spoga+gafa 2014. The share of foreign trade visitors was 58 percent.*

* All figures are calculated in accordance with the guidelines of the Association for the Voluntary Control of Trade Fair and Exhibition Statistics (FKM). (

In 2015, the spoga+gafa will take place from 30 August to 1 September. Further information is available at


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