First-ever plantable book company launches new Herb Hero series

Willsow, a company which produces plantable children’s books, has launched a new book, the first of an upcoming series. 

The Basil Who Built Bridges is the first in the Herb Heroes series from the eco-friendly children’s book company. Also available in Willsow’s existing range is The Carrot Who Was Too Big For His Bed and The Lettuce Who Wanted A New Look. 

To create vegetables and herbs from Willsow books, readers can place the page on soil that is slightly compressed but not too hard-packed. By adding 4mm of soil on top of the paper along with a generous amount of water, and ensuring that the area stays moist and receives plenty of sunlight, the page should start to sprout within seven to 10 days. 

Founder Tom Willday says: “The idea behind Willsow was not only to get children reading but to give them the additional gift of learning about where vegetables, herbs and other plants come from, which is such an important lesson. 

“Not only that, these books present the opportunity to spend quality family time with parents, from reading the book, to getting out in the garden to make the characters come to life.”

James added: “It’s so important to us for children to take something away from our books, and they are filled with lessons about diversity and teamwork. 

“As a company, we are extremely passionate about the environment. We have these values at the forefront of our minds with everything we create and hope that this can help to incite important conversation.”

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