Fiskars? ?next revolution of axes?

The new fourth-generation axes from Fiskars are ?virtually unbreakable? and feature a new structural grip for increased safety and faster swing. The range has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Award 2015 for design quality.

Fiskars X-series axes are ?an evolution of craftsmanship?. With eight chopping and splitting axes, Fiskars enables the perfect match between task, size and skill of the individual user. All of the axes come with a 25-year warranty.

Fiskars? chopping axes are perfect for multi-purpose wood working tasks, from chopping kindling for campfires and wood burners to carpentry projects and garden pruning. Fiskars chopping axes have a wide, thin edge that ensures a clean cut.

The new splitting axes ?can deliver a one-strike split?. The unique cutting edge slices into the wood, with the widened axe blade following through and forcing the wood apart. The length of the axe shafts are in ratio to the blade weight and designed for different sized users.

Safety comes first in the new generation of Fiskars X-series axes. Axes are safer to use when the cutting edges are sharp, so the ultra-sharp X-series blade is double-hardened for maximum durability and easily sharpened when needed. A sturdy cover means that the axe can be safely carried and stored. The axes also have a shaft structure which secures the over-moulded blade in place, preventing the blade from becoming detached.

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