Fiskars reinvents mowers for reel gardeners

Fiskars likes to challenge convention, consistently creating ingenious solutions for gardening chores. With a shed (already) full of award winning tools, they set out to reinvent the?reel by combining the best qualities of push mowers with the advantages of modern technology. They created the Fiskars Stay Sharp Max reel mower, the best invention in modern gardening. There was a time when powered lawn mowers were one of the best inventions in the gardening world. And they served their purpose well; dispensing with the old hard to manouevure reel mowers that constantly jammed, required regular sharpening, gritty determination and physical effort to use. But powered lawnmowers are not without drawbacks; poor quality cutting, annoying cables to trip over and tidy, unnecessarily costly power consumption and lacking the quiet and satisfying hum of the traditional push mower.

Eco friendly InertiaDrive technology results in twice the cutting power and 60% easier push of traditional designs. Super sharp precision bypass blades cut through small twigs?and?dense tough grass with ease. This innovative design results in minimal maintenance and blades that should only require sharpening between 5 and 10 years of use.

The long wheel base design provides the greatest cutting height range of any reel mower and cuts three times closer to the edge. Grass clippings are dispensed through a unique forward chute design. The only thing that is simple about this beautifully engineered mower, is how easy it is to use.

Fiskars never redesigns for the sake of it, they aim to create simply the best tools for the gardener. The best bits of traditional mowers remain; the gentle hum of grass cutting, the eco friendly energy free use, cable free mowing, the precision clean cut and indisputable old fashioned contentment gained form the perfectly mown lawn.

  • InertiaDrive? Technology: A revolutionary technology that delivers twice the cutting power – also cuts through small twigs, weeds, or dense grass that would otherwise jam a regular reel mower.
  • StaySharp? Cutting System: A precision-engineered feature that enables cutting without the blades touching, which greatly reduces user effort, friction and blade wear to ensure long lasting performance by removing the steel-on-steel contact that dulls standard reel mowers.
  • VersaCut? cutting capacity settings from 1-4 inch and an impressive 18 inch cutting width.
  • Ergonomic height-adjustable handle with padded grip for comfort and control. A quick and easy one-touch cut height adjustment system allows the handle to be set in order to conveniently pivot the mower when turning.
  • The additional Fiskars StaySharp? Grass Catcher creates a practical package. This simple to use UV and mildew resistant polyester screen, steel frame and effective capacity will ensure trouble free lawn maintenance for years to come.

Reinventing Gardening

Fiskars tools are examples of the company’s aspiration to reinvent the gardening experience through the use of advanced engineering and materials. We believe that all things, even the simplest, can be made better and smarter so that work in the garden becomes easier, lighter, more efficient and simply more pleasurable – which is ultimately what gardening should be all about.

Fiskars garden tools are available nationwide in garden centres, DIY stores and online.

W: E: T: 0115 927 7335


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