Fiskars SmartFit? – an?expanding range of extendable tools

Fiskars SmartFit? has extended its range with two new cutting tools for 2014 – a telescopic lopper and a telescopic hedge shear. Clever orange extension buttons on the handles deliver easy incremental extensions from 665mm to 915mm on the loppers, and 675mm to 925mm on the hedge shears. Lightweight, yet sturdy, the adjustability of these tools help gardeners go that extra distance when cutting high or low.

All SmartFit? blades are made from durable carbon steel with a friction reducing coating for smooth cutting. The Fiskars SoftGrip? handles ensure a solid assured grip, good shock absorbing abilities and extra comfort. Knowing that weight is important, the FiberComp? handles are light and sturdy, so the tools are not heavy in the hand. The telescopic lopper weighs an impressively light 1030g, with the hedge shear at just 980g.

Fiskars SmartFit? range of products all come with a permanent holster, making them easy to store, protecting the blades and ensuring they are safe to move around the garden.

Fiskars SmartFit Bypass Pruner P68

The Fiskars SmartFit? range is an extension of the original Fiskars SmartFit? pruner introduced in 2013 with its adjustable cutting aperture for thicker or thinner branches.

As one of the few ambidextrous pruners on the market, SmartFit’s user-friendly design is achieved through the carefully considered ergonomic handle to enable optimal cutting from a number of different grips. The versatility of this pruner is achieved with the handy orange lever mechanism at the fulcrum. With one click the user can double the blade aperture from the standard 12mm capacity up to 24mm in diameter. Fiskars SmartFit? can actually be called ?two pruners in one’ as it fits both smaller and large hands and cuts both thinner and thicker branches.


Recommended retail prices are:

  • SmartFit? Pruner Bypass P68 ?19.99
  • SmartFit? Telescopic Lopper L86 ?49.99
  • SmartFit? Telescopic Hedge Shear HS86 ?44.99

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