Fiskars supports garden centres with travelling demonstration tree

Fiskars, one of the UK’s leading gardening tool suppliers, is offering retail partners additional business building opportunities throughout the rest of the summer and into autumn thanks to Fiskars’ Pop-Up Demonstration Tree.

Helping to encourage purchases, the Fiskars Demonstration Tree offers consumers the opportunity to try the brand’s innovative cutting tools for themselves. Browsing customers can use them in-store to cut real branches with Fiskars’ loppers and hedge shears. Additionally, they can also get their hands dirty in the soil section and test out the Fiskars Solid Hand Bulb Planter and various other hand tools.

As an added incentive on demonstration days, Fiskars is also giving away a free Seed Planting Trowel with every purchase as part of its ‘Plant Seeds, Help Bees’ campaign, which has been providing ongoing support for the bee population since 2020.

The activity has been highly successful so far, with figures showing that 97% of consumers who try out the Fiskars tools on the pop-up Tree go on to purchase the product. In addition, sales of cutting tools have often tripled for Fiskars’ trade partners that held a demonstration day.

Georgina Taylor, Marketing Manager at Fiskars UK, says: “It is very important we continue to support our trading partners, particularly at a time when gardening is becoming more and more popular with a wider group of people, so it is vital for consumers to be able to touch, feel, and use our products to experience their superior quality.

“The demonstration days and added incentive of the free Seed Planting Trowel with every purchase has been well received and can provide an excellent business building boost for our partners. I would like to encourage anyone interested to get in touch and see how we can help to generate sales.”

To find out more, please contact the Fiskars’ Customer Services team on and they will direct you to a local representative.

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