Five pledges in five years unveiled by Keter

Home and garden product manufacturer Keter has unveiled five sustainability pledges to be delivered in the next five years. The commitment to these pledges is being announced as part of its latest sustainability report.

The pledges are:

  1. 55% of recycled content in total production
  2. Continued zero production of single-use plastic consumer products
  3. 25% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from production
  4. Zero waste to landfill from production
  5. Product end of life programmes in all regions

The five pledges will be delivered by focusing on three key areas of the business: Better Products for Better Places, further enhancements to Keter’s positive circular approach for product design, manufacture and lifetime product use; Better Planet, operational efficiencies and environmentally positive actions throughout its supply chain; and Better Business, delivering social value through ethical conduct and community investment.

Progress against each target will be reported on annually, further embedding sustainability within the DNA of Keter.

Edward Johnson, managing director at Keter UK, said: “To address the environmental challenges we face as a society, we must collaboratively work to live more sustainably.

“Through this commitment, the Keter business, our people and our products intend to be a force for change by having a lasting and positive impact and helping to encourage sustainable living and the creation of long-lasting products.

“This a significant milestone for the company and takes a holistic look at the influence and impact we can have to build a greener and better world.”

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