Fleuroselect announces 6 new Gold Medal awards

Fleuroselect, the international organisation for the ornamental plants industry, proudly announces six new Gold Medal awards that will be available to the wholesale as of 2015 and in retail as of 2016.

The Fleuroselect Gold Medal is awarded to new varieties that have been tested by Fleuroselect’s expert and independent judges at trial grounds across Europe and proven to clearly supersede existing varieties in terms of breeding innovation and beauty.


Calamintha nepeta Marvelette Blue

Breeder: van Hemert & Co.

A marvellous blue bee attraction that?s what this compact Calamintha from seed will create in the garden! This first-year flowering perennial flowers within 12 weeks from a spring sowing and will bring blue to the garden all summer long.

Growers will love this first year flowering perennial with its compact habit and short cultivation time. Marvelette Blue branches very well, is shorter and more uniform in growth than the current varieties available. The early flowering, large flowers of Marvelette Blue will convince at retail and this all-round performer has an excellent shelf life. Thanks to its improved compactness, this newcomer is moreover easy to transport. Marvelette Blue?s intense purple-blue flowers and strong scent cannot fail to catch the consumer?s attention at point of sale.


Cosmos bipinnatus Xanthos

Breeder: van Hemert & Co.

Xanthos means yellow in Greek and that?s what this new Cosmos bipinnatus is all about: its unique, soft, stunning yellow colour. Xanthos is dwarf, early flowering and uniform, turning yellow into a professional product.

Xanthos is a real treat for the grower as it is more dwarf and uniform. The plants are well branched and also very suitable to grow as a pot plant. Thanks to its compactness, Xanthos is ideal for transport. Retail will rave over this newcomer as Xanthos adds a new colour in the compact Cosmos range. The short production time will make this beauty an early-season, top attraction on the garden center shelves. Cosmos lovers will simply adore the soft yellow colour and the outstanding garden performance.


Echinacea purpurea Feeling Rose

Breeder: HM. CLAUSE

Feeling Blue? Not anymore at the sight of this stunning Echinacea! Feeling Pink is more compact and floriferous than its comparisons in the trials.

Feeling Pink is easy to produce thanks to the shorter cycle, allowing a higher rotation in the growing schemes. This Echinacea purpurea is compact and displays a good basal branching habit. Florists and buyers for garden centers or supermarkets will love this Echinacea purpurea because of its improved commercial appeal. Feeling Pink is earlier flowering and the numerous pink flowers contrast strikingly with the deep green foliage. Consumers will love this beautiful Echinacea because of its fantastic garden performance and abundance of flowers. Feeling Pink, a floriferous and compact Echinacea with a shorter production cycle!


Helenium autumnale Western Mixture

Breeder:? HM. CLAUSE

Like the sun setting over the desert, Helenium autumnale Western Mixture will embrace any border with a yellow-red glow from summer until the very end of autumn.

Western Mixture will be highly appreciated by growers for its early flowering and better branching, allowing this variety to be grown in a wider range of pots. Although not required, cutting back plants will reduce plant height and encourage branching, thus leading to a more floriferous bloom and healthier foliage. Remove spent flowers to encourage additional bloom. Retailers will easily sell Western Mixture because of the fabulous flame colours. Its compactness enables efficient transport. Consumers will love this fantastic garden performer that thrives even in difficult conditions.


Ocimum basilicum Purple Ball

Breeder: NARIC Fruitculture Research Institute

A purple, ball-formed basil, now that?s something different. Ocimum basilicum Purple Ball has highly original, small purple leaves and small, tubular purple flowers.

The brand new colour and attractive form will encourage growers to include Purple Ball in their production schemes. Retailers can promote both the ornamental and culinary value of this wonderful herb and thanks to its compact structure, this Ocimum basilicum is easy to transport. This captivating beauty will convince consumers as it can either be a surprising decorative pot in the kitchen or a unique filler in balcony boxes and flower beds. Purple Ball, the latest must-have in culinary herbs!


Petunia x hybrida Tidal Wave? Red Velour

Breeder: PanAmerican Seed

Roll out the red carpet for Tidal Wave? Red Velour! A truly unique, rich red colour that is different from all other seed Petunias on the market. Thanks to its spreading habit, this fast grower can wind around a fence to create an attractive hedge, make gorgeous ground cover in the bed or fill a large container as a patio showpiece.

Red Velour is the new, bold and vibrant colour in the Tidal Wave? assortment. This seed-propagated Petunia is a truly strong and vigorous plant requiring low maintenance. An excellent landscape performer with terrific Botrytis tolerance and quick recovery from rain, the plants resist lodging so they won?t fall open and expose a bare centre. The spectacular, long-lasting red flowers of this fast grower are an eye-catcher both on the patio and in the garden.

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