Flopro in ?2m largest consumer giveaway in Garden Industry

The new Flopro Classic Hose Reel will hit the market at GLEE with 30,000 units to be given away.
Flopro have arranged the deal with a national newspaper whose readers collect vouchers. They will then need to visit their nearest participating centre where they will receive their brand new hose reel for free.
The promotion, the largest ever giveaway in the garden industry, will launch at GLEE 2018. This in readiness for the press launch on Easter Saturday 2019.

Flopro involved in biggest ever giveaway for garden retail

Participating garden centres will receive around 100 Classic hose reels free of charge. The deal which represents ?2m investment by Flopro will move the brand to ?must stock? for all garden centres.
The hose manufacturer will receive much editorial in the national newspaper right across the U.K. and southern Ireland. It is creating the biggest trade and consumer promotion in the industry.
While at the garden centre, visitors may view and buy accessories, creating incremental sales and profit for the retailer.
The products products are robust, and UV protected using only the finest quality materials.
Visit the company stand at Glee to receive full details and to register as a participant or contact their Crest Garden representative.

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