Flopro ?Shop within Shop?; The complete watering solution

Flopro was the out-and-out winner of the Best Point of Sale category in the 2016 GIMA Awards for their innovative Flopro Gun display with the judges commenting: ?There is no other watering brand displaying their products in this way.? Fast forward to GIee 2016 and they stunned the market when they revealed their revolutionary Flopro ?Shop within Shop? concept.

With such a huge catalogue of innovative watering products to display, the Flopro marketing team recognised that existing, conventional display methods were completely out of date to communicate this new state of the art range. The brief given to their designers was to develop a stand-alone ?shop within shop? which would bring theatre to the category, stopping customers in their tracks by providing the focal point for all gardeners? watering requirements. The units are modular with merchandising solutions to accommodate outlets of all shapes and sizes.

The concept was so successful that the first customer was signed up within an hour of Glee opening. Natalie Searle, Marketing Manager commented ?Flopro is a real success story, launched in 2013, the range now covers the complete watering category through hoses and accessories, reels and carts, guns and sprinklers plus connectors and nozzles. Also brand new for 2017 are three ?Plug & Go? irrigation kits which are simple to install requiring no tools and which save up to 70% of water compared to hand watering.?

Flopro products are manufactured in Europe using the finest materials with guarantees on all hoses, auto reels and the Elite range.

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