Floramedia develops ?Live Life in your Garden? concept

ONE OF the UK?s leading horticultural design and print companies has this month (June, 2013) developed a new concept for retailers called ?Live Life in your Garden?.

Floramedia?s marketing idea is focused on encouraging customers to make the most of their garden space and to buy from lots of different lines in the garden centre.

Phil Mabon, Creative Manager at Floramedia, said: ?We wanted to help retailers and get more people spending through all the different departments. People do often view their garden as an additional room that has many uses.

?We want to encourage people to spend more time in their gardens and use them for many different things, with a play on conventional room uses such as a living room, party room, reading room and dining room.

?By pushing Live Life in your Garden retailers can drive product sales from the planteria, lifestyle and activity areas. We wanted to help create linked sales by providing a consistent platform to merchandise a broad range of products together.

?Live Life in your Garden will appeal to all ages. We all use our gardens no matter what age we are but we may use them in different ways. It is a call to everyone to get into their garden and enjoy it in whatever way they like.?

At the?HTA?National Plant?Show on June 25 and 26, Floramedia unveiled its new shed exhibition stand, which also links to the Live Life in your Garden idea.

The Floramedia shed is four metres in length by two metres in height and is made out of Re-board?, which is a patented paper based board with?a unique?engineered fluted core. Re-board? is lightweight but strong.?The company has created a shed with the board and has printed wooden panels on to it and also cut out windows.

Phil added: ?We are always pushing new?innovative ideas and materials and the shed is something we have developed for retailers.

?As it is life size it will give customers a real wow when they visit a garden centre and it is an eye catching object that people will want to look at closely and get inside.

?Retailers could use the shed as an interior display feature for many varied gardening products from plants and compost through to tools within a branded display that is synonymous with gardening. If you would like to talk to us about our shed or Live Life in your Garden, please call us on?01206 771040.?

Floramedia has the UK?s largest range of stock labels and point of sale products with more than 10,000 to choose from.?The forward-thinking company is constantly improving and expanding its range.

The company prides itself on providing the most cost-effective and complete?service for labelling, point of sale, web,?packaging?and retail?merchandising for the gardening market in the UK

It is dedicated to building long-term relationships with its customers, sharing?its knowledge of?marketing and design, and?focusing on quality,?service and reliability.

Floramedia is consistently at the forefront for introducing new and innovative ideas. It also has a picture library with more than 250,000 images that are available for garden centres to use to create their own marketing materials.

For further information, please call Floramedia, which is located at Axis Two, Brunel Way, Severalls Business Park in Colchester, on 01206 771040, email sales@floramedia.co.uk or visit www.floramedia.co.uk.

Live life in your garden

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