Florensis wins Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2015

This week, Florensis Cut Flowers has been awarded the Horticultural Entrepreneur Award 2015.

The award ceremony took place in Keukenhof (Lisse, Netherlands), and was announced by Mr. Nico Koomen, president of the Foundation Tuinbouw Ondernemersprijs.

After seeing and hearing the four leading nominated companies ? including Arcadia BV, Artemis and Martens Asperges ? the award was handed over to the very happy Herman Hamer (CEO) and Leo Hoogendoorn (COO).

Florensis issued the following comment: ?We want to thank everyone for the great responses we have received since our nomination. We congratulate the other three great companies that were also nominated for the Horticulture Entrepreneur Award 2015.?

The company added, ?With this special and beautiful start of 2015 we continue our positive course, which was highly appreciated by the jury, together with all Florensis? employees.?

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