Formbar Limited celebrates ten years in the industry

Formbar Limited will be marking a decade in business this summer with the launch of a new website, and plans to grow the business by attracting new retailers through this changing online platform.

Managing director Simon Nickson said he was delighted to be celebrating 10 years of successful trading, and wishes to thank all the loyal customers and suppliers who he has worked with over the years.

?Formbar has seen continual growth throughout the 10 years we have been in business. My small team of knowledgeable staff make sure the company sticks to my firm values of great customer service, quality products and value for money for all our customers,? said Nickson.

With ?1 in every ?5 in the UK predicted to be spent online in 2016, retail will remain in a state of flux for some time to come. A picking trolley for online sales is becoming a must have item for retailers.

By providing customers with high quality hand baskets or trolleys that perhaps are a different shape or feel from the standard, retailers establish their brand values from the moment the customers enter the store.

Customers are more likely to fill a basket that feels strong and comfortable in their hand, than one that feels like it will not take the weight of their shopping.

Also customers are more likely to return if they had a positive experience, and a trolley which was difficult to push or clumsy to manoeuvre round the store sits as a negative in their minds.

?We are committed to building on our firm foundation and growing our product range to reflect the changing requirements of the retail industry.

?The next decade will undoubtedly bring greater change to the market, but with our online presence being overhauled, and new ways of working with our customers being established, Formbar will continue to offer the great service it always has? Nickson added.

Formbar?s new website is being developed by Cube Studios Limited. Cube have been a supplier and friend to Formbar from the beginning, and the new dynamic website will take us into the new decade ready for whatever is waiting round the corner.

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