Fothergill’s to the rescue – easy as pumpkin pie.

On Sunday October 27th, Capel Manor College (a horticultural?further education?college based in Enfield) came to the sudden realisation that they were short of pumpkins for their ?Halloween Howler? festival. They decided to contact the Suffolk based garden supplies and experts Mr Fothergill?s, in the hope that they?d be able to provide some sort of solution.

Sure enough, the green-fingered organisation was quick to respond, and within hours of the plea, Mr Fothergill?s marketing manager Ian Cross loaded his car with an assortment of more than 50 pumpkins, of varied shapes and sizes. As he made his way up to London to make sure the college were supplied with an ample stock of the spooky fruit, Chapel Manor College were once again and their ?Halloween Howler? event went off without a hitch, with many a pumpkin to hand.

Mr Fothergill?s were delighted to provide assistance, as Ian told us: “We grow many varieties on our Newmarket trial ground, so we were pleased to be able to help the College and all the families which attended its Halloween Howler at the weekend”.


Hallowe'en Howler, Capel Manor College Ian Cross with Mr Fothergill's Pumpkins


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