Four flowers competing for Fleurostar

Fleuroselect has announced the four entries in this year?s FleuroStar Contest.

The FleuroStar Contest will be held during the FlowerTrials at nine locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

The four entries are:

The Begonia tuberhybride F1 Nonstop? JOY Yellow:

Benary?s candidate for the FleuroStar Contest promises an abundance of large, double yellow flowers all summer long. The seed-raised Begonia is easy to sleeve and ship thanks to its half-trailing branches.

Bidens hybrida BEEDANCE? Painted Red:

BEEDANCE? Painted Red attracts wildlife to the balcony or garden with a splendid splash of colour. This cutting raised Bidens hybrida is strong, sturdy and compact. It is easy to propagate and roots fast and grows without any effort.

Osteospermum ecklonis Serenity? Blue Eyed Beauty:

This new design in Osteospermum ecklonis cannot be overlooked at point of sale. Blue Eyed Beauty is a true eye-catcher in pots and baskets, but also looks wonderful in beds. The cutting-raised Serenity? series is known for its exceptional habit and well-timed uniformity for early season programmes.

Petunia cultivars NightSky:

NightSky is cutting-raised, flowers very early and convinces with excellent branching. Consumers will love this extraordinary new colour pattern, an absolute first for Petunia. Perfect as a stand-alone item, the splendid, white spotted violet blooms will also shine in baskets and mixed containers.

Over 30 professionals form a cross-section of breeding, production and retail as well as trade journalists and marketing specialist will choose the winner.

During the FlowerTrials? each judge will cast his/her vote after visiting one or more of the nine contest locations in the Netherlands and Germany.

The winner is the variety with the highest average score on commercial potential and point of sale attractiveness.

The new FleuroStar winner will be revealed during the FlowerTrials week at the Green Inspiration Event. ??This brand new networking event will take place on Thursday June 11 at Anthura in Bleiswijk, the Netherlands.

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