Free-range eggs from Blackacre Farm

Award-running free-range egg producer, Blackacre Farm, is proud to have launched Rambling Free, a new brand of premium quality hens? eggs which supports independent producers by championing traditional farming methods.

Even with a growing demand for free-range eggs in the UK and continuing pressure from supermarkets driving down the average price of eggs, Blackacre Farm remains committed to traditional methods and has been rewarded as a result, winning a Great Taste 1-star award and a Taste of the West gold award in 2015 for its Rambling Free range.

To keep pace with an ever-growing demand for the finest quality free-range eggs, Blackacre has partnered with other likeminded family-run farms in the south west, further supporting the traditional independent farmer and setting an example for other farms to follow.

Owners Dan and Briony Wood do not employ a multi-tier shed system, allowing their hens to roam free on open pastures through the day and sleep in single-tier sheds at night.

Dan explained: ?The popularity of free range eggs is on the rise, but through our own experiences and the work we do with other local farms, we are convinced that consumer demand can be met without compromising on our principles. We hope that our award-winning eggs will inspire other independent farmers to stay true to their traditional methods and join forces if need be, to maintain a strong place in the market and most importantly deliver eggs of the same high standard.?

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