Frosts Garden Centre: Chefs cook up Shrove Tuesday treat

Frosts Garden Centre at Woburn Sands celebrated Shrove Tuesday with a variety of mouth-watering sweet and savoury pancakes, specially prepared by its very talented chefs.

The pancakes proved to be the pick of the day for most of the restaurant?s diners with the kitchen serving 92 savoury pancakes and a whopping 125 sweet pancakes. The one-off menu showed customers different ways of serving pancakes with a range of interesting ideas for toppings and fillings.

Specials of the day included; American Style Pancakes with Crispy Streaky Bacon, Whipped Butter and Maple Syrup, Trio of Saut?ed Mushrooms with Tarragon Butter and Pancake filled with Seafood with a Dill and Lemon Sauce. The dessert options included; classic Sugar and Lemon, Fruits of the Forest Compote and Poached Apricots with Toasted Almonds.

James Frost, managing director at Frosts Garden Centres, said: ?It?s great to be able to offer people this sort of variety in our restaurants and we?re really pleased that it was such a success, it?s a fantastic tradition and we?re thrilled to be able to celebrate with our customers.

?I have sampled the menu of course and I have to say, the Trio of Saut?ed Mushrooms with Tarragon Butter was delicious. I don?t know why we don?t all have pancakes more often!?

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