Fryer?s celebrates Tatton Park success

Fryer?s nursery was in full bloom at the Royal Horticultural Society?s flower show at Tatton Park this month, winning two silver awards.

The show, which took place during 22nd ? 26th July, celebrates the Cheshire region?s finest horticulturalists. The showground is made up of three themed zones ? ?Grow? which celebrates all things plants; ?Inspire? which shows the latest in design concepts; and ?Feast? for growing and tasting a variety of foods.

Fryer?s was successful in the ?Inspire? zone with plant manager Peter Shirley, winning the silver award for his romantic ?Rosy Hues? exhibit in the ?Back to Back? garden section. Under the ?Grow? category in the floral marque, the team from Fryer?s won a second silver for thei concept of using roses in containers with bedding plants.

?This is an amazing achievement for Peter along with Jill Kerr, Louise Stafford, John Moxon and the rest of the team for the months of planning that has gone into these projects and for producing some great gardens this year,? enthused garden centre manager, Bijal Mistry.

?Our aim was to ignite the passion for roses once again by appealing to both the older generation with the ?Back to Back? garden, hopefully reminding them of images from their younger years.

?We also hope to appeal to the younger generation by showing them that roses can be used in a modern contemporary way with other more ‘trendy’ plants and that, with very little effort, roses can give years of pleasure in any situation.?

Fryer?s roses nursery is part of the Blue Diamond group of garden centres.

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