Future garden centre concepts

How do you know what tomorrow?s garden centre looks like? So many possibilities to choose from, from destination garden centres to green focused centres. A leading garden-centre builder should be able to help you answer those questions.

There is a variety of constructions to be seen in the world. In the next issue of Garden Centre Retail Magazine, the Dutch construction company Thermoflor highlights examples of the concepts of City and Nature. In Ankara and Amsterdam, the company built remarkable greenhouses according to their Botanical concept.

Salesmanager Ferry Breugem: ?Clients challenge us to experiment with different kinds of designs, from all over the world. We have gained experience in a great variety in buildings. Next to design, we help our clients with site studies, 3D designs, interior layout and building permits. Construction is done by our own experienced builders, ?efficiently and quickly, as you can see in this video

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