• Gardeco 5-year guarantee meets demand for quality

    A bumper start to the U.K. season for Gardeco has co-incided with a return to a ‘demand for quality.’

    This trend has lead to a 100% growth in some of their product groups. In order to further satisfy this demand, the company has introduced a 5-year guarantee on some of their products.

    This provides retailers and end-users with peace of mind when buying products that will last beyond one season.

    Solex Launch for Chimalin AFC

    Following eight years of development, Gardeco have made a significant breakthrough with fireproof clay products.

    This range of products allows you to fire a clay chimenea in the same way you would a cast iron version. The new Chimalin AFC will be launched to the U.K. Garden Retail sector at Solex in July.???????

    New Catalogue for 2016

    The new? Autumn 15/ Spring 16 collection catalogue is now available. This will be officially launched at the Hearth & Home exhibition in Harrogate next week. (June 7-9).

    2016 will also see the expansion of their ‘Big Fire’ concept. This is a label applied to solid and safe products which do not crack, buckle or burn. ?

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