Gardeco: combining innovation with safety!

For companies with a strong innovation history, product safety can be incorporated from the word go!? Gardeco take a practical and ethical approach by using their technical knowhow to make initial designs which are safe, thus eliminating unsafe product designs on the drawing board. Where a product safety standard exists they will use this as a design benchmark. This is followed by thorough testing during prototype development thus refining the design before the product launch.

Truly original products like the Gardeco Chim Burner and Chim Stove are by their nature outside the scope of existing safety standards, which are usually based on manufacturer?s established products. Being a strongly ethical company, Gardeco take very seriously the legal and moral duty to ensure their real fire products are safe to use by consumers, and will not supply products which are unsafe. Gardeco have now taken this a step further, by doing a retrospective safety audit on all established products such as Chimeneas, ensuring the fire doesn’t fall out of the product. Cheaper products sold by others do not have such safety features.

Professional in-store video?

In the case of bio-ethanol fireplaces, Gardeco models are best-suited to the UK market. All models have always come with a double reservoir, safety signs, toughened glass, full colour and detailed user instructions including room size recommendations. Some models have adjustable flame snuffers to regulate the fire up or down and all models can be closed off. Furthermore, a quality professionally made in-store video is available, free to use by stocking retailers, explaining clearly to the consumer what bio-ethanol is and how to use the Gardeco fireplaces.

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