Garden centre accused of encouraging pandemic hoarding

An online garden centre selling packs of toilet roll at £1 has been accused of encouraging pandemic hoarding.

Bonnetts Garden Village in Brentwood announced its new product line online last week, but many customers took to social media with concerns.

One customer said: “Advertising in that manner is a strong reason NOT to shop there. Irresponsible.”

Another said: “Ridiculous advert at the present moment.”

But the firm replied: “We have not had essentials like this before, so we are informing of our new essential items like this to support customers that are uncomfortable visiting larger supermarkets etc. Also this ensures jobs are protected in case another lock down comes, we will then be able to remain open; it would be irresponsible of us not to adjust and react to the current situation for the sake of our staff and customers. I’m really sorry you feel this way about it.”

The garden centre trades online as

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