Garden centre stock destroyed in Boxing Day floods

A Lancashire business has seen thousands of pounds worth of stock devastated in the Boxing Day floods.

According to reports, Read Garden Centre in Ribble Valley was under four feet of water as large parts of the borough were affected by the bad weather. The business was again flooded on Sunday night following more torrential rain.

The centre was set up by Susan and Gray Procter two years ago, and has partially reopened for business as the clean-up begins.

Differing amounts of damage are being reported, with some reports estimating ?50,000 and others up to ?70,000.

Speaking to the Lancashire Telegraph, family friend Jackie Laxton said: ?This flood damage is really going to affect the business for some time to come. We managed to save some of the gravel but we lost things like compost and it?s going to be a long time until we are back to where we were before Boxing Day.

?It?s a devastating blow for the business but we are determined not to let it ruin it.?

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