Garden Centre Customers Praised For Fostering Interest

Hundreds of children and teenagers in the region have more hope of finding foster parents thanks to the interest shown by customers at the Haskins Garden Centre at Roundstone.? Sarah Camp, Foster Carer Recruitment Officer and colleagues from Worthing based Fostering Solutions have found that by appealing for potential fosterers has proved successful.? A two day exhibition recently attracted 10 genuine enquiries.

?We have been delighted with the interest shown so far by the Haskins? customers,? said Sarah Camp.? ?Many have harboured the idea of fostering for many years but have never had the opportunity to talk directly to someone who can offer advice and explain the process involved that can make such an amazing difference to the life of a child, and people who can offer a good home and support.?

It?s thought that the relaxed environment offered by the centre helps people to relate to the subject of fostering, possibly linking nature and nurture, and the presence of the Fostering Solutions team offers an ideal opportunity to explore the idea.? Haskins donated a gift card and plants to the team on their last visit to thank them for their dedication and patience in their bid to match children with suitable homes.

Sarah says: ?The old image of the type of person that can be considered to offer a Foster home can hold people back from enquiring.? We are not looking for a specific family set up or sexual orientation. Much more important is a commitment to fostering and the ability to offer a child or young person a safe and secure environment at a difficult time in their lives. All enquiries will be considered and offered training and support should they undertake the life changing step of fostering.? We are pleased to discuss the process anytime.?

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