Garden centre site on Green Belt to be uses for housing

A former garden centre Green Belt site could see more than 30 homes built on a site next to a former dump.
Epping Forest District Council approved an application to build 33 homes at the Chimes Garden Centre.
The proposals are the fourth dealing with the site to go before the council in recent years.
If the developers go ahead with this application they will not have to remove the landfill.
However, officers studying the site explained that “significant work is still needed. This is to ensure that the new houses are safe from contamination from the adjoining landfill.”
The land above the buried rubbish will be used as an “amenity area” for residents. This is once the hardstanding goes and they’ve completed the landscaping.
The proposals are for four one-bed flats, one two-bed flat, 23 three-bed flats and five four-bed flats.
In total, five three-bed flats will be affordable, almost three times fewer than the 40 per cent suggested in government guidelines.

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