Is Garden Centre Retail really worth reading?

Spoiler alert: Yes, you should read Garden Centre Retail. But what I?m going to use to answer this question is an unbiased look at what we cover at GCR HQ. I?ll keep emotive language at bay, I?ll describe what we do.

Garden Centre Retail
June/July issue cover

In an industry packed full of trade publications, it can often seem like it?s not worth reading any of them.

Couple that with the world being at your fingertips with the internet, you could be forgiven for thinking that print media is dying.

In reality, trade media within niche markets are booming.

With pressures meaning that revenue and profit always need improving, trade magazines such as Garden Centre Retail are often the only places you can find 100% relevant information to your specific business.


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What does Garden Centre Retail do?

We produce articles in three succinct categories: news, business and products.

We use the magazine for the last three of those, whereas our website, is where we put our news.


As a bi-monthly magazine, breaking news within the printed version difficult.

Unless we had an exclusive, this isn?t going to happen. We use our news pages in the magazine as a roundup of the best stories from the market.

You?re not going to read anything you haven?t already seen here, but it is a reminder of what’s going on.

Take a look at some of the best news stories that you could see on the website from 2018:

Bridgford Garden Centre set for redevelopment

Abergavenny Garden Centre fraudster ordered to pay back ?9k of ?32k stolen

Charlie Dimmock opens Squire?s in Woking

Takeover saves garden centre from closure

Gardman warehouse fire: Man arrested in arson inquiry

As you will see, we focus on the whole of the garden retail industry. We have coverage of the chains, independents and the suppliers to the market.

You will find stories focused on successful people, new products and business deals. We try to upload at least three news stories, or three posts in general to the website in a day.


Garden Centre Retail
A typical two-page article

Aside from the news on, the magazine contains articles that will help you improve your business.

Take a look at the last printed issue of Garden Centre Retail. You will notice from pages 12-39 is where the business content is.

First of all, we open this section with an interview with someone successful in the industry. In this issue, we revisited an interview from 2016.

I went to Rosebourne Garden Centre to talk about how the past two years since launching had gone. Neville also spoke in depth about the future of the brand, including an opening of a second store.

Garden Centre RetailAfter that, we had topics including:

  • Tips to differentiate your online business from your competitors
  • The psychology of employee motivation
  • Understanding generation spending trends
  • Preventing rodent infestation
  • Valuing a garden centre or nursery
  • The Brexit effect on your restaurant menu
  • Make the most of merchandising
  • How to gain honest feedback
  • Getting your signage correct


This content focuses on the garden retail market within the UK. You can learn what others do, what experts are advising and what you could do within your business.

This is designed for you to put in place if you feel that you need to or want to. We know the topics covered are areas that we know garden centres want help with.


Garden Centre Retail
A product feature

Finally, Garden Centre Retail covers the world of garden retail products.

There are over 35,000 different products that garden centres sell. Keeping up with the latest developments can be difficult for a retailer.

That?s where Garden Centre Retail comes in. On the website, we try to post the latest product news as soon as it?s available.

This could be anything from a new launch, a recall or a product supported by a nationwide televised ad campaign.

What we try to do within the pages of Garden Centre Retail is more in depth than mentioning the latest products and developments.

We try to offer ideas for displaying products, or how to sell more products within a certain product category.

We tend to cover four different product categories per issue. There are two in-depth articles, and two product round-up articles.

Garden Centre RetailIn the June/July issue, we spoke with Petface to find out what they recommend you do to sell more pet products.

We spoke to Bulldog Tools to get their views on selling more hand tools.

We covered a selection of products in both of these categories.

Our product round-up features focused on the outdoor living trend and garden furniture.

With all that in mind, the question I posed at the start of this post should change.


Instead of asking yourself whether it is worth reading Garden Centre Retail you should ask yourself this: Can I afford not to read Garden Centre Retail?

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