Knutsford garden centre to sell ‘ridiculous’ seeds to back sunscreen campaign

Blue Diamond centre supports Melanoma campaign to warn gardeners of the damage sun can cause skin

Fryer’s Garden Centre in Knutsford is encouraging customers to enter a ?ridiculous? competition to help fight melanoma.

Fryer?s and other major garden centres are urging people to grow the tallest or biggest sunflower in the UK by selling packs of ?Ridiculous? seeds in return for a ?1 donation. Prizes include barbecues and a year?s supply of sunscreen.

The competition is being staged during May in support of the Melanoma Campaign – Don?t Be Ridiculous ? Watch Your Back – highlighting the importance of sun protection while outdoors and in the garden.

The campaign, devised by the Melanoma Fund, will feature in 220 garden centres, warning gardeners that ignoring sun protection is ?ridiculous?, specifically targeting men over 50 who are the least likely to cover up but most likely to die from the effects of excessive sun exposure.

Fryer?s is part of the Blue Diamond Group, which is supporting the national sun protection campaign, and Blue Diamond garden centres are also getting involved in the campaign?s ?Ridiculous? sunflower growing competition.

All the proceeds from sales of the ?Ridiculous? sunflower seeds will go to the Melanoma Fund charity.

Visit your local Blue Diamond Garden centre to get involved. For details of all Blue Diamond garden centres visit

Harry Townsend, founder of the Melanoma Fund said: ?Many people, especially men, lack a regular skin care habit and dislike applying sunscreen.

?So we have decided to give it to them straight – Don?t be ridiculous; remember sun protection when out in the garden this summer.?

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and melanoma the most dangerous type.

It is the fastest-growing cancer in men and the second fastest in women, with men 70 per cent more likely to develop the disease, typically on their backs and in areas that are hard to spot, making the warning signs easier to miss, leading to a later diagnosis, leading to higher death rates.


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