Garden centres blame Monty Don for mass dumping of spring flowers

Garden centres have blamed Monty Don for keeping customers away and causing a huge number of spring flowers to be binned after he told gardeners not to plant anything until the weather turns for the better, according to the Telegraph.

In a recent episode of Gardener’s World, Mr Don urged viewers not to hurry into their gardens.”There’s no great hurry to sow seed, so don’t panic. Don’t be in a hurry. You don’t have to sow anything at all until April,” he said. But Peter Burks, chairman of the Garden Centre Association, told that there are plants and flowers that can be planted early ? even in the cold. He said Mr Don’s comments had made the spring season even worse for garden centres.

“People who don’t know that much about gardening [listened] to Monty’s comments and wrongly assume they can’t plant anything until April ? which is not the case,” he said.”There are many plants, such as shrubs, roses and trees, that can be planted well before April, even through the winter and into autumn.”

It is estimated plant growers have had to throw away over ?50 million pounds worth of 30 million individual spring flowers due to the winter weather that has blighted Britain.

Guy Barter, Chief Horticultural Advisor at the Royal Horticultural Society, said that garden centres have to throw away spring plants like primroses, pansies and polyanthus to make way for summer plants like geraniums, petunias and begonias. However he pointed out hardy bedding plants like primulas, polyanthas and pansies can all survive cold and frost. They are also perennials and can be saved for use later or even next year.

It is another blow for nurseries that have also had to pay more to heat their green houses to keep the spring flowers alive for as long as possible.

Monty Don

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