Garden Equipment 2013: Key note update

Garden Equipment 2013 is a Key Note Market Update providing an overview of the key aspects of the market for garden equipment in the UK. The market is divided into four main sectors: lawnmowers; powered garden tools and equipment; manual garden tools; and water management equipment.

Lawnmowers and powered tools have struggled in recent years in light of the recession and the economic climate which has persisted since. Consumers are unlikely to make purchases of big ticket items such as lawnmowers or powered garden tools in an unfavourable economic climate. Furthermore, a key factor acting against positive growth in the market is the increasing trend for homeowners replacing lawns with low-maintenance surfaces ? such as gravel, patios, tarmac and decking ? which do not require the use of lawnmowers.

However, manual hand tools have grown over the past 5 years, boosted by a growing proportion of fruit and vegetables consumed in the UK being grown in gardens and allotments. As the population grows, gardens are likely to get smaller: manual tools are generally more than sufficient for smaller gardens and allotments.

Water management equipment is the sector which has seen the largest growth over the past 5 years, however. This sector has seen exponential growth thanks to (unfounded) fears of a drought in the summer of 2012 due to two very dry winters in a row. This caused consumers to become more cautious with water usage and water companies to retrofit water meters for their customers, charging them per unit of water used rather than a flat rate. Sales volumes of water management equipment used for saving water have therefore increased dramatically.

Over the next 5 years, Key Note predicts that the market for garden equipment in the UK will grow by 3.3%, with all sectors returning to growth despite some sectors having seen losses between 2008 and 2012. The projected return of healthy growth in the economy is likely to be a big part in this growth in value.


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