Garden King: Snowdome given all-clear.

A snow dome for children at a garden centre in South Derbyshire was given the all clear by council health and safety inspectors following a complaint from a parent.?Garden King at Newhall bought the snow dome as part of it’s Santa’s Grotto experience.

The parent wrote an anonymous post on Facebook page Spotted: Burton Upon Trent warning others not to take their children to the dome at the centre in Park Road

It stated: “If you’re planning to take your kids to see Santa at Garden King in Newhall, don’t let them go in the snow globe. The ‘snow’ looks like harmless tissue paper but is actually shredded bits of polythene bag – something I discovered after seeing a string of kids, including, my two-year-old son, come out gagging and coughing. The council’s health and safety dept have been informed.”

A further post by the garden centre in reply to the post confirmed that an inspector had been out and the dome was safe, stating: “Due to our risk assessments, constant elf supervision, non-toxic snow, age restrictions and the fact these snow globes operate around the county, our snow globe has been given the all clear.”

Other parents on the site spoke out in support of the centre and said their children had enjoyed their time there.

Darren Sanders, area manager at Garden King, said: “One person complained to the council then put it on Facebook. The parent said their child was coughing on the snow, the council came out to have a look and said it didn’t pose a risk. It is no different to being in a play area where you have got bark.

“We have to do loads of safety and risk assessment. We do everything in our power to make sure nobody gets hurt.”

He added:”A comment like that could shut us down.”

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