In The Garden with Linda Creek of Silica Lodge Garden Centre

In The Garden with Linda Creek of Silica Lodge Garden Centre…

The Crassula family falls into the category of plants known as succulents. These have fleshy leaves and stems, which enable them to store water therefore their care is a little different to other houseplants.

I have chosen Crassula argentea as the subject for this article as it is the one succulent in this group that is most commonly requested. You may know it better under its other common name of “money plant”.

Succulent plants are native to the drier regions of the world, hence the water-storing capability of their foliage. All plants evolve to get the most from their environment and when your water supply is a little on the infrequent side you need to hold on to as much of it as you can while it is there.

Crassula argentea has green glossy leaves, which may be tinged with red. They need a spot on a sunny windowsill and ideally a spell outdoors in summer.

Make sure they are in free-draining compost, you can buy a ready mixed one for cacti and succulents. Water your plant quite freely from spring through to autumn but give it a cooler dry rest period in winter, only watering every six to eight weeks or so. Don’t be in too much of a rush to move your crassula into a larger pot, they need to fill the pot with root and really be crying out for the next size up.

Crassula Argentea can grow quite large and may produce tiny white flowers, even on young plants.

Stem cuttings can be taken and this is best done anytime from late spring through to late summer. Allow the cuttings to dry for a few days before inserting them into well-drained compost.

Given the right conditions Crassula Argentea will live for many years.

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