The Garden Oven Company launches new outdoor cooking oven

The Garden Oven Company has created the ultimate in wood fired ovens, with a new design that promises better al fresco cooking on an even larger scale. These environmentally-friendly British-made ovens create the ‘smoked’ and ‘wood fire’ taste that is all the rage for outdoor cooking in all seasons.

The Model 2 Garden Oven is bigger than the original Model 1 family sized Garden Oven, giving customers a choice of size. With a 50% larger baking area that can cook two pizzas at once and easily accommodates any AGA roasting pan, the Model 2 oven offers more space for the larger event or family gathering.

Jay Larson, owner of The Garden Oven Company said: ?Our Model 1 oven is incredibly popular, but we’ve created the Model 2 Garden Oven that allows even more culinary options. The Model 2 has an additional layer of high insulation between bricks and the steel walls, and it holds even better for slow cooking. Just like the Model 1, we’ve incorporated an adjustable height baking shelf and rack for ease of use. The Model 2 is designed with ?pub garden cooking? in mind.?

Both models of the Garden Oven have been designed in the UK to improve the outdoor living experience and has a whole host of uses. Jay added: ?The Garden Oven is intended for year-round cooking. With its multi-function oven, chefs can cook, bake, grill, roast and smoke a wide range of dishes from pizza to fish, bread to Sunday roast. Unlike traditional brick ovens, the Garden Oven is transportable with no building work required.?

The response to the Garden Oven’s wood fired cooking has been phenomenal, Jay said: ?Our foodie customers love the product and are always giving me great feedback and writing to me about what they have cooked in their ovens.?

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