Garden Ready plants blossoming

Sales of Thompson & Morgan Garden Ready plug plants have nearly tripled in the past season according to the company.

The mail order seed and plant specialist supplied more than 4 million garden ready bedding plants to UK gardeners in 2015.

According to a spokesperson: ?The new plant sizing bridges the gap between traditional small mail order plug plants and larger retail pack bedding. Small enough to be produced and mailed as plug plants but big enough to rival and exceed pack plant performance. Garden Ready plants represent the perfect balance between convenience and value for money.?

Thompson & Morgan Horticultural Director Paul Hansord said: ?Our Garden Ready bedding plants are selected and grown to give our customers the best possible performance in the garden. We send them direct from the nursery at the perfect time for planting, usually before blooms form, for quicker establishment, better root growth and flowering, and a longer, stronger display.?

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