Garden retailers? online advertising ?sloppy?

British garden retailers are failing to understand ? and maximise ? their online advertising, a new report has found.

Google Shopping specialists Dream Agility have analysed online garden retailers during the last three months of 2015. They discovered poorly-performing adverts, little optimisation, as well as a general ignorance about how to better-place Google Shopping ads.

Dream Agility chief executive Elizabeth Clark said: ?Garden retailers have got to wake up. They?re throwing away thousands and thousands of pounds in lost revenue through sloppy online advertising.

?In fact, if any garden retailer did get on top of their Google Shopping campaigns, then there?s a substantial opportunity for them to completely dominate gardening shopping online.?

She continued: ?The amount of irrelevant products showing against high-volume search queries shows the size of saving available if retailers had adequate search-term strategies in place. The uplifts available with the advent of cheaper, more relevant ads, would be magnified even more in the forthcoming months.?

According to Dream Agility, despite search queries for garden equipment and furniture growing by 14 per cent year-on-year, no single retailer has managed to fully optimise their adverts on the Google Shopping platform.

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