Garden tool revolution

There should be fewer slip ups in the garden thanks to colourful new garden spades and forks designed by Safe-n-Easy inventor Graham Smith, which will be arriving in garden centres later this spring.? Taking a completely new approach to traditional gardening tools, he has come up with a solution which is safer, easier to use and also carries a strong recycling message.

Customers handing in an old or broken tool at a participating garden centre will be offered ?10 off the cost of a Safe-n-Easy fork and spade. The unwanted tools will be repaired in a prison workshop through The Conservation Foundation?s Tools Shed recycling project and then given free to school and community gardeners.

The spades and forks are the first in a range of every day products which Smith is redesigning to make them safer and easier to use, particularly for older people.? ?Some 2500 people a year have to visit hospital following an accident with a fork and spade according to ROSPA* and many of these are older gardeners,? he explains. ?I had the idea for the Safe-n-Easy fork and spade when my father had an accident while digging. He?d also been bothered by backache and so I went back to basics and came up with something that is safer, lighter and needs much less bending and lifting.?

*ROSPA Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents for details of stockists or sales enquires for Tools Shed information


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