GARDENA combisystem – giving gardeners the right tools all year around

The GARDENA combisystem has a successful history that spans more than 40 years and includes everything a passionate gardener needs, from cultivating soil in vegetable and flowerbeds to tidying garden paths or cleaning fallen leaves. The innovative Fruit Collector is the latest addition to the range.

The GARDENA combisystem is a clever system that combines different handles with various tool attachments to ensure that all garden tasks are possible. The range includes the Spring-Wire Rake attachment, which is perfect for tackling mossy lawn areas thanks to it?s robost wire prongs, which allow fast and effective work. The combisystem Grubber is perfectly suited for looseing, aerating and weeding soil due to the ergonomically shaped handle, which lies well in the hand. The Road Broom attachment cleans outdoor spaces effectively due to the strong bristles.

GARDENA combisystem also offers a wide range of handles, in either wood or aluminium, which can be combined with the different tools depending on the type of work that one is carrying out in the garden. The GARDENA Telescopic Handle is optimally suited for convenient work up to 5m high, and can be effortlessly extended in 26cm steps from 160cm to 290cm length thanks to the snap closure. The handle is made of aluminium and is especially light and stable. For jobs such as hoeing, the GARDENA Wooden Handle 130cm is ideal as these types of tasks require near body position with the handle for guranteed efficiency.

The GARDENA combisystem Hand Tools are smart and handy helpers for taking care of flowerpots or smaller flower and vegetable beds. This is due to the fact that they are are especially flexible, as they can also be extended with a combisystem handle, whereby the handle is simply loosened via the soft plastic screw.

The new GARDENA Fruit Collector has become an essential for every keen gardener. It permits the easy collection of fruits with a side opening which simultaneously permits emptying of the Fruit Collector without having to bend down. Thanks to the flexible plastic struts, fruits from 4 to 9 centimetres in size can be collected, and using the practical shovel function, it is also possible to collect fruits in areas which are hard to access.

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