Gardena: Gardening the modern way

Mini gardens within cities are on the rise and with the hectic day-to-day life of work and play in the city, a green retreat can act as a personal haven to unwind, even in the smallest of spaces. Gardena provides everything within its new product portfolio for city gardens to become a perfect green oasis.

A small piece or lawn behind a terraced house or a balcony or terrace is a luxury for many city-dwellers and the trend inner city, is to create a small sanctuary over a few square metres ? a green idyll to represent peace and relaxation, away from everyday life. This can vary between transforming a small balcony into a sea of flowers or raising fruit and vegetables in planters and pots, to careful planning of small lawned areas, or arranging shrubs and modern floral arangements in planters for a rooftop terrace. The small garden culture has been revived and given a modern twist.

Whether city or country based, all gardens have one thing in common ? their need to be maintained. Plants have to be regularly watered and repotted, shrubs and flowers to be cut and lawns mowed. Gardena spotted the trend for utilising small spaces into mini gardens, and now provides the perfect equipment for the nob, in the Gardena city gardening range which is practical, functional and space-saving in storage, all mandatory for city gardens.

The new Balcony Box provides all the basic equipment needed for balcony gardeners; the most important hand tools in a box, always close by and protected against the weather. A new Terrace Spiral Hose with integrated bracket and the new Terrace Hose Box is suitable for small gardens or roof terraces, measuring only 7.5 by 10 metres, sufficient for a small outdoor space.

The Gardena range cater for city gardening well; combinations such as the Gardena combisystem and Flower Box Watering, as well as numerous cutting devices work well for those working in small gardens, balconies or terraces.

Tradition and know-how from Gardena isn?t limited to large gardens; the brand?s slogan: ?My garden. My passion.? relates to all green spaces.

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