GARDENA unveils new intelligent, sustainable and economical watering system for 2023

GARDENA, the leading supplier of high-quality gardening products, today announces the launch of its brand new Micro-Drip-System for 2023 with a completely revised structure and improved individual components.

The new range is much easier and simpler to set-up, extend and use. It’s also super-efficient – saving water and money. The ideal solution for watering, the GARDENA Micro-Drip-System delivers water drop by drop exactly where the plants need it: at the roots. In this way, not a drop is wasted and evaporation is kept to a minimum. At the same time, overwatering and waterlogging are avoided. This makes this type of watering much more efficient than using a watering can or hose.

Howard Scott, Country Manager UK at GARDENA commented: “It has been a great year for GARDENA being the only brand in positive growth in the watering category so far. We are extremely proud of this success and that we remain in tune with what our retail customers want and their customers changing needs.

“Through extensive research and testing, we knew we wanted to make our fantastic Micro-Drip-System even better for 2023. It is important to us that we are constantly innovating and investigating ways to be more economical and sustainable, and our revised system does exactly that. It’s crucial that we conserve every drop of water that we can, and we are pleased to be able to offer passionate gardeners a versatile means of doing so.”

Practical sets for versatile use

The entire Micro-Drip range has been completely revised and gardeners can now find what they need for their watering requirements more quickly. This is because the number of individual components in the system have been significantly reduced. The clear colour classification in the different application areas helps with orientation and making the right choice. The new sets offer appropriate watering solutions, for example, for potted plants, vegetable patches or flower beds, raised beds or hedge rows.

The design of the individual sprayers, nozzles and connecting parts has also been renewed. Now, small symbols make it clear at first glance which application is involved or how the installation is to be carried out.

Even more flexible with new “Quick and Easy” connection technology

The patented “Quick and Easy” connection technology guarantees fast system assembly and a permanently tight pipe connection. In addition, the system parts can be detached and reassembled if the arrangement of the plants has changed. This connection technology has also been improved once again. The new, intuitive design facilitates installation makes it much easier to expand an existing system. Small symbols show the direction of rotation of the connectors and at the “click”, gardening enthusiasts know that everything fits and a tight connection has been created. The connecting pipe has become more flexible and easier to roll out. The holding force of the pipe pegs has also been strengthened.

Dripper, nozzle or drip pipe

The drippers and spray nozzles have also been given a helping hand. The design of the new nozzles indicates the spray pattern. This makes selection easier. For better differentiation, the maximum application rate is marked on the outside of the pressure-compensating end drippers.

The range includes the suitable row or endline drippers for each application. In addition to the standard dripper for solitary plants in pots or hedge plantings, there are adjustable drippers for plants with different need of water or pressure-compensating drippers that are used when height differences have to be overcome.

From early 2023, the new drip irrigation line will be available and can be laid flexibly above or below ground. This means that the system can also invisibly water the hedges with a precise amount of water.

Attention has also been paid to the packaging of the individual components. This is now made of recycled and recyclable cardboard and can also be resealed for storage.

Clever control means ideal watering

Use with an automatic watering control and a sensor that measures the soil moisture, and drip watering can be used even more cleverly. If the soil is moist enough, watering is not required and is automatically skipped until the next cycle.

The GARDENA Micro-Drip-System will enable gardeners to care for their plants while conserving resources. This is because every drop of water is used efficiently with this economical system.

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