Gardena unveils new weed removal tools

Gardena has designed a range of weed removal tools. These include a weed puller, combisystem 2-in-1 patio weeder, combisystem 3-in-1 patio cleaner and a combisystem grubber-rake.

With the Gardena Weed Puller, two special patented blades allow easy penetration into the soil for effortless removal of the weed. The small distance between the blades allows precision and reduces the size of the holes made, leaving little to no change to the lawn.

Complete with an integrated trigger mechanism means just a small push on the handle is all it takes to remove the extracted weed from the device.

The Gardena combisystem now has two new attachments to help remove weeds from the narrow joints between paving stones and terrace tiles. The 2-in-1 Patio Weeder has a thin stainless steel blade for narrow joints and crevasses with a curved triangular bow made of stainless steel for wider joints too. Gardeners can combine the product with any combisystem handle, both those for large and small tools. Gardeners can also use it in an upright position. The same applies to the new 3-in-1 Patio Cleaner. In addition to the stainless steel blade, the stainless steel bow is also equipped with metal bristles, ideal for removing moss in paving joints or for sweeping up removed weeds. The bow and blade can too be replaced if they become worn.

The new combisystem Grubber-Rake for removing weeds from beds can be used to loosen weeds in the soil. The tool can also easily remove the loose weeds with the rake. Switching between multiple tools is no longer necessary

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