Gardening Express launches Christmas dinner wreath

One online garden centre is providing all the Christmas vegetables you?ll need for the festive period ? on a wreath. has launched its Brussels Sprouts wreath and The Vegetarian Christmas dinner wreath.

Both are jam packed with traditional Christmas vegetables and offer a quirky alternative to the more common holly weath. Love them or loath them, Brussels Sprouts are a must over Christmas and if you?re a loather, what better place to have them than hanging on the door?

Alternatively, if you want them to make an appearance on the festive table, the wreath can also be used as an ornamental table decoration. Simply remove the ribbon and place some candles in the centre. The Vegetarian Christmas Dinner includes everything you need for a festive meal, apart from the turkey with cranberries, chestnuts, Chantenay carrots and Brussels Sprouts all on a circle of Noble fir foliage. Both are made to order and come with a bow and a ribbon for hanging.

Chris Bonnett from said: ?These wreaths are proving really popular with customers looking for something a bit different to hang on the door.

?They have all the elements of a traditional wreath, there are just a few quirky additions that make them so eye catching.

?Brussels Sprouts are a real love or hate vegetable but it?s the one thing we all expect to see on the festive table, even if we can?t stand the sight of them.

?Both wreaths can be used as a festive table decoration with the added bonus that you don?t have to eat them.?

Chris concluded: ?The other great thing about these wreaths is that if you run out of veggies or have some unexpected guests then you can always resort to helping yourself.?

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