Gardening goes self-sufficient at Webbs Garden Centre

Webbs Garden Centre in Wychbold has transformed an area of its Riverside Gardens into a showcase of self-sufficient gardening.

The garden is entirely edible featuring everything from strawberries, raspberries and redcurrants in a pop-up fruit cage, to nectarines in pots, salad leaves, herbs and hanging baskets full of tumbling tomatoes.

Head gardener Mike Rutter, said: ?This small new garden is really catching the imagination of our visitors. They can see it is manageable and really love the idea of doing something similar in their own space at home. Everything here has a purpose but still looks fantastic. It?s an outdoor room to enjoy and is packed with great things to eat. It just shows you can transform a space to give a lot back to your life.?

Visitors to the garden have shown a particular interest in the living roof on top of the shed, which features thyme, sedum, sempervivum, cerastium, barbarea, hutchinsia, silene, arias, potentilla and Veronica planted into compost over strong ply and pond liner.

Mr Rutter added: ?The living roof on the shed is a wonderful way to create a pretty display that has great benefits visually and environmentally for a garden. It filters pollutants in the air and absorbs rain water and moisture which helps to create a better atmosphere. It also improves the quality of the water running off the roof into the garden and provides a refuge for garden wildlife.?

The garden also includes a painted hen house, designed to blend in with the surrounding fruit and vegetables and a bee hive. It joins a number of themed gardens designed by by Chelsea Flower Show gold medal winner Marigold Webb, at the centre.

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